MarketShare is an analytics company that enables businesses to grow efficiently by revealing what really drives demand.

Our mission is to transform the growth rate and efficiency of our clients' businesses by bringing new levels of transparency to their decision-making.

Our technology and services work together to help managers make informed decisions, based on quantifiable results. We help businesses grow efficiently – by revealing the true drivers of demand for their products, and helping them focus investment on those drivers.

We reveal how much to spend, where and how to spend it, and the results those dollars will deliver. Our impact: higher efficiency, growth, brand equity, profit, and market share.

The MarketShare team is a powerful mixture of experienced business managers, scientists, technologists, and industry thought leaders. We understand traditional and digital marketing– online, offline, social and mobile – and how they interact. And we understand real-world decision-making and action, so we deliver concrete, doable action plans.

MarketShare offers the industry leading cross-media analytics solutions for global marketers. Called out as a leader in the industry by Forrester Research and a "Cool Vendor" by Gartner, MarketShare has enabled more than half of the Fortune 50 companies to dramatically improve their marketing effectiveness.

Measuring the return on marketing activities is getting increasingly complex. With the accelerated use of digital and social channels and the interaction between them, past attribution methods produce inaccurate measurements, the wrong allocation of increasingly scarce marketing dollars and ultimately, poor return from your investment.

MarketShare has deep roots in the science of measurement and analytics with world renowned minds working on the complex issues facing businesses today, such as:

  • How do you measure the effect on revenue and profit of your traditional, digital and social marketing investments?
  • How do they interact?
  • What are the paths consumers take through these channels?
  • How do economic factors like unemployment rates, GDP, inflation etc. affect your marketing?
  • What about seasonality, weather, competitive offerings etc.?
  • How do you combine all of these variables to accurately plan, make decisions and drive better results?

MarketShare has the solutions that provide these answers. We use proven scientific methods, our proprietary database of millions of results in 45 countries and all industries, and terabytes of data from digital partners. MarketShare’s products are available as a cloud-based, big data enabled analytics platform that enable near real-time digital and cross-media attribution analysis using vast amounts of data.

Why choose MarketShare as your partner? Four qualities distinguish MarketShare:


Our models are based on concrete, real-world business results rather than generalized survey or panel data

We look across all marketing, sales and distribution decision points, online and offline

We understand the interactions between media, rather than treating them as silos (for example, we can assess the impact of TV in prompting search and thus online impressions)


We are not part of an ad agency, media buying group, or consulting firm. We’re selling nothing but better results.


We make future business outcomes clear rather than simply diagnosing past decisions

Our team understands real-world decision-making and action, so we deliver concrete, doable action plans

Technological excellence

Our solutions are built on world class technology, with powerful analytics platform empowering Software as a Service solutions

We offer a broad range of solutions to fit your specific circumstances and needs.

Learn more about MarketShare's solutions or see how we are innovators in marketing analytics.