Board of Advisors

Our advisory board members are involved in every stage of our process, from strategy sessions to end deliverables. Our board’s mission is to make MarketShare a world class company by providing our clients with effective, strategic solutions.

Jim Stengel Jim Stengel President & CEO, The Jim Stengel Company, LLC
  • Global Marketing Officer, P&G
  • Chair, Association National Advertisers
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Gokul Rajaram Gokul Rajaram Product Director, Ads, Facebook
  • Senior Product Director, Google
  • Father of AdSense
  • Juno solutions expert
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Rishad Tobaccowala Rishad Tobaccowala Chief Strategy & Innovation Officer, VivaKi
  • Chief Strategy Officer, Publicis Groupe
  • Board Member, Publicis Media Groupe
  • Starcom Executive
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Ted Meisel Ted Meisel Senior Advisor, Elevation Partners
  • President, Yahoo Search Marketing
  • CEO, Overture Services
  • Partner, McKinsey
  • Partner, Elevation Partners
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Ross Levinsohn Ross Levinsohn Media Executive and Board Member
  • Former CEO, Guggenheim Digital Media
  • Interim CEO, Head of Global Media, Yahoo!
  • President, Fox Interactive Media
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Jim Garrity Jim Garrity Founder and CEO, BridgeTwoWorlds, LLC.,
  • CMO, Wachovia
  • CMO, Compaq
  • VP Marketing, IBM
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Mike Linton Mike Linton Enterprise CMO, Farmers Insurance
  • CMO, Best Buy
  • CMO, eBay
  • VP Marketing, P&G
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Jeffrey F. Rayport Jeffrey F. Rayport Chairman, MarketspaceNext
  • Senior partner, Monitor Group
  • Faculty member, Harvard Business School
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Tom Davenport Tom Davenport Leading Consultant and Author
  • Professor of IT & Management, Babson College
  • Co-Founder, International Institute for Analytics
  • Fellow, MIT Center for Digital Business
  • Senior Advisor to Deloitte Analytics
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Bruce Redditt Bruce Redditt Executive Vice President, Omnicom Group
  • EVP Omnicom Group
  • EVP Sony Pictures Entertainment
  • Senior Communications Officer GTE Corp.
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Jack Myers Jack Myers Chairman, Media Advisory Group
  • Media Economist, Investment Advisor, M.E.D.I. Advisory Group
  • Jack Myers Business Report
  • Marketing and Business Development, CBS TV
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Ashwin Rangan Ashwin Rangan Chief Innovation Officer & CIO, ICANN
  • CIO, Edwards Lifesciences
  • CIO, Walmart Global,
  • CIO, Conexant Corp
  • CTO, Samsung AST
  • Former CIO, MarketShare
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David F. Poltrack David F. Poltrack Chief Research Officer, CBS Corporation, President, CBS VISION
  • CRO, CBS Corporation
  • President, CBS Vision
  • Chair, Market Research Council
  • Chairman, Advertising Research Foundation
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Pat LaPointe Pat LaPointe Chair: Board of Advisors
  • Leading Transformation Consultant
  • EVP Americas, MarketShare
  • Managing Partner, MarketingNPV
  • Equity partner and SVP, Frequency Marketing Inc
  • Director, Marketing and Sales, Bell Atlantic now Verizon
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