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MarketShare has helped over half of the Fortune 50 companies, and 8 of the top 10 global brands, achieve greater financial success.

We have shared in the success of leading brands, globally and nationally, across a variety of industries including Financial Services, Media & Entertainment, Telecom, eCommerce, Automotive, Consumer Goods, Retail and Pharma.

We provide our clients with value through our services and our technology. While our clients’ businesses vary considerably, they all gain better understanding of of what really drive demand for their products/services and better focus in investing in those drivers. This focus typically generates an improvement of 10-30% in our clients marketing budget efficiencies. Our clients also include some of the leading agencies and media companies.

Extract Business Value From Your Mix Model

A large company has successfully leveraged marketing mix optimization to uncover the strategic drivers of the business. The insights helped it recalibrate marketing and media performance indicators and optimize future strategic investments, including marketing investments, product development, pricing structures, and organizational support. As a result, the company was able to grow deeper relationships with its customers, providing relevant offers to increase retention rates and significantly changing the customer experience while divesting itself of wasteful business activities. This report highlights the company’s adoption of marketing mix modeling (MMM) and explains how it adjusted its core business key performance indicators (KPIs) to help guide future investment decisions.

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NSPCC: Increasing Donations Through Marketing and Media Optimization

Founded in 1884, the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children has protected children for over 125 years. As a non-profit, its foremost challenge is raising funds through donations using media outreach to regular donors and the public.

NSPCC wanted to understand and quantify the effectiveness of its marketing and media spend in driving recurring as well as new cash donations. This included the role of NSPCC’s paid and owned media (website) in driving donations and models for each response channel to understand the drivers of each. NSPCC then wanted to optimize its marketing and media mix to generate greater donation value from the same level of investment.

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Smokefree: Role of Search in Driving Behavior Change

The UK Department of Health had launched a new program called Smokefree to help people quit smoking and created a marketing campaign to promote it with the goal of engaging 500,000 people in the program.

Using historical data from the government, along with data from Google and other sources, MarketShare built a model that included controlled effects (e.g. media allocation, price) as well as uncontrolled factors such as seasonality, economy and competition.

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Telecomm: Connecting brand advertising and business variables to economic outcomes

A leading global telecommunications company engaged MarketShare to sort through hundreds of variables that affect its business, determine the key drivers and help connect brand advertising to economic outcomes. This client also wanted MarketShare to help frame its marketing investment in the specific context of product marketing.

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Technology: Discovering the optimal response to aggressive competition and industry challenges

A global 50 semiconductor supplier to OEMs was competing in a mature category where marketing innovation is critical, but was still deploying and analyzing resources in traditional fashion. The client partnered with MarketShare to use “Analytics 2.0” to understand the optimal response to aggressive competition, innovation and marketing/trade challenges.

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Internet Services: Optimizing investments to better achieve business goals

A leading subscription-based Internet services company with 20+ million registered users and a presence in five countries wanted to optimize its media budget to better achieve business goals. The client partnered with MarketShare to measure the impact of its primary business drivers, including marketing and media tactics and how they interact. The client also wanted to identify its optimal investment levels in media to achieve specified subscription, revenue and operating margin targets.

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Education: Analysis of the entire marketing portfolio and impact on matriculation rates

A for-profit, co-educational institution providing online accredited higher education to adult learners worldwide engaged MarketShare to benchmark its marketing investments across the entire marketing portfolio to identify opportunities to increase effectiveness. MarketShare was also asked to quantify the impact of the client’s marketing and external factors on the matriculation of prospective students in its schools.

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Carrefour: Understanding the complete marketing ROI on personal computer sales

MarketShare, together with Google, was asked to analyze the drivers of business outcomes for retail person computer sales chain Carrefour. Through deep statistical and econometric analysis, valuable insight was gained into how online and offline advertising interacted and how online efforts drove in-store sales.

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Understanding the on & offline relationships related to Expedia travel shoppers

MarketShare was asked to build econometric models quantifying the drivers & synergies of Expedia’s advertising resources in driving 'Shoppers' and online brand search.

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PC City: Understanding the complete marketing ROI for PC City

PC City is a chain of computer superstores and e-commerce operation that operates across Europe. PC City has asked us to help them understand and quantify the effectiveness of their marketing and media spend in driving business outcomes. Furthermore, to optimize the marketing and media mix to generate greater revenue from the same level of investment.

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