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The Forrester Wave: Cross-Channel Attribution Providers, Q4 2014

Published: 11.07.2014

According to this Forrester Research report, MarketShare has “exploded into the cross-channel attribution space” and is one of two providers who "could disrupt the attribution space with their innovative approaches."

The report also notes how MarketShare, named a Leader in "The Forrester Wave(TM): Marketing Mix Modeling, Q2 2013," shows significant promise in providing a "true holistic performance measurement approach."

Read the report to understand:

  • How attribution tools give marketers a holistic view of the customer journey
  • How these tools help marketers tame big data, to turn insights into action
  • MarketShare’s place in the marketing attribution universe
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How Big Data Brings Marketing and Finance Together

Published: 08.08.2014

New marketing/finance partnerships are emerging that promise the biggest changes in a generation, sparked by something that never existed before: The ability to show clearly, convincingly and quantitatively how marketing and advertising activities contribute to revenue and profit.

Download now to see how marketing and finance can work together.

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An Advanced Marketing Analytics Cheat Sheet for CEOs

Published: 05.21.2014

Jon Vein, co-founder and CEO of MarketShare, shares his essential checklist for advanced marketing analytics that no other big company CEO will divulge. Download now and see how you can move the needle. 


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A Big Data POV: Opportunities and Challenges for Business Leaders

Published: 02.05.2014

As “Big Data” matures from hype and techno-jargon to operational reality, business leaders must ask themselves two key questions: What are Big Data’s implications for my organization? How do we tap its wealth-building power to create value and competitive advantage?

Download our article to further develop your big data point of view.

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Where Sophistication Meets Scale

Published: 01.02.2014

The most advanced marketing analytics technology grows smarter all the time. If you aren't using it, you're already falling behind.

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Beyond Marketing Mix Modeling

Published: 12.27.2013

In an increasingly complex marketing ecosystem, success requires smarter delivery technology, greater granularity and deeper organizational adoption.

See how MarketShare's analytics platform allows you to gain an advantage over traditional marketing mix modeling through partnerships with world-class data providers, providing more granular models without sacrificing strategic level depth, operating faster at larger scales, and delivering more accurate predictions.

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Actionable Analytics: Reexamining Metrics for Better Data-Driven Decisions [via ANA Magazine]

Actionable Analytics: Reexamining Metrics for Better Data-Driven Decisions [via ANA Magazine]

Published: 10.10.2013

Download this complimentary digital reprint from the Fall issue of ANA Magazine exploring just how effective “data analytics done right” can be.

The article features interviews with MarketShare executives Wes Nichols, CEO, and Pat LaPointe, EVP, discussing client experiences and the latest advances in predictive analytics technology. 

Learn how leveraging these advances will allow you to make meaningful improvements to your marketing.


The Forrester Wave Report: Marketing Mix Modeling, Q2 2013

Published: 10.07.2013

Over the last couple of years, the marketing industry has undergone significant growth and evolution as marketers demand more in-depth, real-time, dynamic insights on how to best allocate their marketing investments.

As marketing complexity continues to grow, the challenge becomes ever greater. Take a look at the marketing mix modeling vendors that are at the forefront of this change, where:

  • Leading vendors have the capability to act as strategic partners
  • Positive business outcomes are being driven by innovative methodologies and complementary services
  • New technologies allow marketers to leverage the surge in data

MarketShare emerges as a leader for the second time in a row, ranking the highest in all 3 top line categories: Strategy, Market Presence, and Current Offering.

Download the report today and make sure you are partnering with the right marketing analytics company to maximize the effectiveness of your marketing programs.

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Avoiding Quant Quackery: The Importance of Accurate Math in Today's Analytics

Published: 09.16.2013

MarketShare CEO Wes Nichols is a featured writer in this the September/October 2013 issue of INFORMS' (The Institute for Operations Research and Management Sciences) Analytics Magazine.

The article, entitled "Good Quant, Bad Quant", discusses how mathematical methods used in today's analytics allows for highly different degrees of accuracy -- and how important it is to make sure your math is up to snuff.

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CMO Briefings: A New Emphasis on Marketing Analytics in Hiring

Published: 08.07.2013

As marketing organizations hone their strategies, analytics skills are high on the list. We partnered with icrunchdata, who recently launched a Big Data Jobs Index, to uncover to what extent marketing-related job requirements have changed over the last one to three years to now include data analytics capabilites and related specialized knowledge.

Download the CMO Briefing now and make sure your organization continues to hire the best and brightest.

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CMO Briefings: Secrets of Successful Marketing Analytics Adoption

Published: 08.05.2013

MarketShare “CMO Briefings” address some of today’s most vexing marketing challenges of linking marketing investments to financial value, measuring payback on marketing efforts, integrating analytics across an organization and taking smarter resource allocation risks.
In this Briefing, Wes Nichols, MarketShare Co-Founder and CEO, offers a four-step approach to  integrating fact-based decision-making across an entire organization by creating an analytics “SWAT” team, re-positioning paradigms, putting marketing in the lead and asking the right questions.
Download it now to help spur analytics-based innovation across your organization.

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Analytics 2.0: Seismic Tech and Data Availability Shifts Offer Vast New Predictive Analytics Opportunities

Published: 03.29.2013

Fueled by big data and new technology, marketers now have unprecedented real-time tools to optimize allocations.

Learn how the the evolution of analytics allows marketers to gauge performance, predict future results, and capture bottom-line improvements -- all in real time.

Originally published as the cover story of the March 2013 issue of Harvard Business Review.

Contact us for more information about the topics in the article.

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Quantifying the Role of Social Voice in Marketing Effectiveness - Executive Summary

Published: 12.18.2012

A new white paper by MarketShare and the Keller Fay Group provides new and compelling evidence that word of mouth (offline and online) drives sales to a considerable degree – providing both a direct and an indirect impact on sales, amplifying the impact of marketing as people talk about the marketing or share it via social media. And, it demonstrates that the impact can be measured.

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Research: The Performance Implications of Deploying Marketing Analytics

Published: 08.30.2012

The research paper co-authored by MarketShare Academic Advisory Board member, Professor Gary Lilien, reveals how deployment of marketing analytics in Fortune 1000 firms results in favorable performance outcomes.

Using a survey of 212 senior executives of Fortune 1000 firms, the paper outlines organizational deployments and how firms benefit from analytics deployment. It also reveals that greater industry competition and more rapidly changing customer preferences increase the positive impact marketing analytics on firm performance.

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MarketShare 360 - The Next Era in Cross-Channel Marketing Attribution and Optimization

Published: 03.29.2012

MarketShare 360TM is a new platform that ushers in a new era in cross-channel marketing attribution and optimization.

With an ever increasing number of marketing channels, today's marketers face a tough challenge in measuring and attributing revenue. Current digital attribution models, such as last-click, even weighting, pre-defined weighting, etc. are faulty, because they do not take into account how channels interact with one another.

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MarketShare's predictive analytics has the power to bring order to chaos

Published: 09.19.2011

Excerpts from Forrester Wave™: Marketing Mix Modeling, Forrester Research, Q3 2011

In the age of the Splinternet, marketers can no longer afford to run mix models only for traditional marketing channels. The future evolution of marketing mix modeling will be challenging as marketers increasingly demand nuanced models to track where and how their customers interact with a fast-increasing number of marketing touchpoints. Why is this happening now?

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MarketShare and Clear Channel Outdoor Examine Out-of-Home Advertising and Retail Industry

MarketShare and Clear Channel Outdoor Examine Out-of-Home Advertising and Retail Industry

Published: 04.11.2011

MarketShare and Clear Channel Outdoor take a deeper look into Out-of-Home advertising in the Retail Industry and explore the decisions retail marketers make when they evaluate their brand's ideal marketing mix. We discuss the importance of considering the strength of OOH's effectiveness for their product and industry, its synergistic impact on other marketing vehicles and the sales lift it can provide as a result of communicating brand messaging and calls to actions to consumers, among other benefits.


Outdoor Advertising Demonstrates Direct Sales Lift, Increases Effectiveness of Other Marketing Investments – Reports First Ever Research Study of “How Out-of-Home Advertising Works”

Published: 01.10.2011

MarketShare Applies Market Optimization Models, Proprietary MarketShare Planner Software to Provide Insights on OOH Effectiveness and Show Why OOH Is Key Component of Optimal Marketing Mix across Advertising Vehicles.

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Modeling Customer Lifetime Value

Published: 11.10.2006

As modern economies become predominantly servicebased, companies increasingly derive revenue from the creation and sustenance of long-term relationships with their customers. In such an environment, marketing serves the purpose of maximizing customer lifetime value (CLV) and customer equity, which is the sum of the lifetime values of the company’s customers. This article reviews a number of implementable CLV models that are useful for market segmentation and the allocation of marketing resources for acquisition, retention, and cross-selling.


Movie Advertising and the Stock Market Valuation of Studios: A Case of Great Expectations?

Published: 01.18.2008

Product innovation is the key revenue driver in the motion picture industry. Since major studios typically launch fewer than twenty movies per year, the financial performance of a single release can have a major effect on the studio’s profitability. In this paper we study how single movie releases impact the investor valuation of the studio. We analyze the change in post-launch stock price and predict the direction and magnitude of excess returns, based on the revenue expectation built up for a movie release. That expectation is set, in part, by media support, i.e. highly advertised movies are expected to draw larger audiences than others. By using an event study methodology, we isolate the impact of a movie launch on studio stock price, and track the determinants of that change.