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Quantifying the Role of Social Voice in Marketing Effectiveness - Executive Summary

Published: 12.18.2012

A new white paper by MarketShare and the Keller Fay Group provides new and compelling evidence that word of mouth (offline and online) drives sales to a considerable degree – providing both a direct and an indirect impact on sales, amplifying the impact of marketing as people talk about the marketing or share it via social media. And, it demonstrates that the impact can be measured.

The analysis looks at brands in four categories – beverages, auto, investments and brokerage – and seeks to determine how much impact “Social Voice” (defined as both online and offline word of mouth) has on marketing and on sales when compared with a range of other variables that might drive marketing effectiveness.

The importance of this analysis is that it helps to move word of mouth from a nice to have activity – who wouldn’t want people to say nice things about their brands? – to one that is understood to be a central driver of marketing effectiveness and sales. It acts as an amplifier of all types of marketing. Only when the role of offline and online word of mouth is understood and treated as a vital strategic asset can brands in today’s consumer marketplace expect to achieve industry-leading return on investment from their marketing investment.

Download a copy of the executive summary today to see how some of the world's leading brands are effectively using worth of mouth (and social media) to drive financial outcomes.

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