MarketShare Solutions Overview

MarketShare’s solution suite is the key to connecting marketing to revenue.

Our advanced analytics technology turns data into insight that improves marketing performance, achieves business objectives and grows revenue. It helps you predict outcomes and make faster decisions. Our solutions answer vital questions such as how much to spend on building long-term brand equity, where to allocate spending across products and markets and how to allocate campaign budgets across publishers.

MarketShare solutions also deliver greater internal clarity and cohesion. They create common performance metrics and indicators that help align various marketing teams, finance, agencies and tech providers around a single source of truth.

Our solutions include:

Portfolio Optimizer

MarketShare Optimizer

MarketShare Optimizer provides marketers a clear understanding of their business drivers, helps them test core marketing assumptions, and lets them more efficiency and effectively allocate marketing spend across brands, products, markets, segments and media channels to accomplish their business objectives.

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Cross-Channel Attribution

MarketShare 360D

MarketShare 360D is MarketShare’s cross-channel marketing attribution and optimization solution. 360D provides a comprehensive understanding of the customer journey—both online and offline. 360D measures the true value of each marketing interaction, proactively guides optimization decisions, and, through an extensive integration across the ad tech ecosystem, provides precision guidance for programmatic buys.

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Integrated Solution

MarketShare 360

MarketShare 360 unifies marketing decision-making at all levels, from strategic planning down to tactical executions, across all media. It provides the entire marketing enterprise with a single analytics system and user experience. MarketShare 360 offers streamlined collaboration tools to let teams readily share the insights 360 offers, and makes those insights immediately actionable through deep integrations across the ad tech ecosystem. The result: marketers gain the insights and recommendations they need to make confident, informed and accurate decisions that improve marketing performance.

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MarketShare Planner

MarketShare Planner

MarketShare Planner provides powerful planning insight for businesses with little or no marketing history to draw upon. Particularly valuable in new or emerging markets, MarketShare Planner leverages a vast pool of real-world responses for marketing decisions and investments. It gives marketers and agencies instant advice and guidance for strategic media decisions that achieve their financial objectives, and offers the marketing intelligence to trail blaze more effectively.

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