MarketShare Solutions Overview

MarketShare’s solution suite is the key to connecting marketing to revenue.

Our advanced analytics technology turns data into insight that improves marketing performance, achieves business objectives and grows revenue. It helps you predict outcomes and make faster decisions. Our solutions answer vital questions such as how much to spend on building long-term brand equity, where to allocate spending across products and markets and how to allocate campaign budgets across publishers.

MarketShare solutions also deliver greater internal clarity and cohesion. They create common performance metrics and indicators that help align various marketing teams, finance, agencies and tech providers around a single source of truth.

Our solutions include:

Portfolio Optimizer

MarketShare Optimizer

MarketShare Optimizer provides insights on demand drivers, answers “what if” questions, and greatly improves efficiency and effectiveness for cross-channel marketing. It helps you more effectively allocate your marketing spend across products, markets, segments and media channels to accomplish your business objectives. And all of this power is packaged in an easy-to-use, scalable, enterprise grade software solution in the MarketShare Revenue Cloud.

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Cross-Channel Attribution

MarketShare 360D

MarketShare 360D is a cross-channel marketing attribution and planning solution that helps you discover the true value of each marketing touch point and improve ROI. Unlike other, far more limited solutions, our technology achieves a complete holistic view that includes online (digital), offline and external or non-media factors that influence purchase decisions in an increasingly complex and interconnected marketing ecosystem. In addition to all online and offline marketing channels, this can include such things as competitor actions and the weather that influence consumer behavior. MarketShare 360D allocates credit where credit is due and helps you plan and optimize your digital and direct response campaigns to maximize their impact.

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Integrated Solution

MarketShare 360

MarketShare 360 integrates our optimization and cross-channel attribution solutions into a single platform. This puts strategic and tactical marketing insights, attribution, and planning into a common enterprise grade technology and user experience. MarketShare 360 is all-inclusive guidance for budget decisions at all levels (market down to individual) and frequencies, delivering a single source of truth for marketing performance.

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MarketShare Planner

MarketShare Planner

MarketShare Planner is used by marketers and agencies to develop and optimize strategic media plans that achieve specific financial objectives. It leverages a vast library of real-world responses for demand generation decisions and investments to provide instant advice and guidance for strategic media decisions. This solution is ideal for situations in which you have little or no data available (new/emerging markets).

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