Get a clear view into which demand generation investments work, and how budgets can be most effectively deployed to achieve your business goals.

MarketShare helps you see which investments truly drive demand, which ones don't, and how to invest your resources to achieve your business goals.

We help you answer tough marketing questions like:

  • How do we most effectively invest our marketing resources?
  • How can we measure marketing effectiveness across all media?
  • What’s the true relationship between marketing and revenue?
  • How do we balance short term financial needs and long term brand priorities?
  • How do traditional and new media interact?
  • How effective is online marketing at driving offline activity?
  • What’s the actual impact of social media on driving revenue?
  • How and where should we spend to gain share from competition?
  • How do we defend our budgets definitively to Finance and our board?

We show marketers in all industries where and how to drive demand across all media, marketing, sales, and distribution decision points. We help you focus your product and brand priorities, and connect your investments to real-world financial results.

Our solutions allow rapid, practical decision-making based on deep analysis rooted in real-world results. MarketShare solutions have become the marketing tools of choice for over half of the Fortune 50.

MarketShare Optimizer is based on a custom-built analytic model for each client. Using your company’s historical data we create analytic solutions that quantify the things that actually are driving sales for you (and point out those things that are not). MarketShare Optimizer provides guidance on where and how to make demand generation investments to reach your business goals.

MarketShare Planner is an expert system that provides instant advice and guidance for strategic decisions. This tool is ideal for situations in which you have little or no data – new product launches or new/emerging markets– and need to know how much to invest and how you should invest it. MarketShare Planner guides planning, budgeting and allocation decisions.

MarketShare 360 is a cross-channel attribution and optimization platform. Combining cookie level, offline, and external factor analysis, MarketShare 360 illuminates a customer's path to conversion, giving credit where credit is due. It allows you to see how different marketing channels interact and add incremental performance.