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Make effective, informed decisions based on your company’s real-world results

MarketShare Optimizer is an in-depth analytics solution for marketers in all industries. We use data from your company and the market to develop customized forecast, simulation and optimization models. We then tailor MarketShare Optimizer to your company needs– your language, business structure, priorities, and data–and integrate it into your work process.

MarketShare Optimizer provides a comprehensive set of recommendations across all of your company’s demand-creating activities. You can use it to set annual plans, test different scenarios, revise your plans as market condition change, launch new campaigns and optimize them.


  • Customized models reveal how the market, your actions, and those of your competitors are working and interacting
  • See how to invest across your product portfolio, in different markets, with a variety of media vehicles.
  • Simulate the impact of changes in investment, market situation or competitive threats; react to them quickly and strategically.
  • Solve for various goals: sales, financial, customer acquisition, life time value, marketing funnel objectives etc.
  • Full user management, security settings, activity logs and alerting options
  • MarketShare Optimizer is a offered as software as a service (SaaS) offering that is secured and scalable, so it can grow to meet your needs and use.


  • Clear understanding of your business drivers (controllable and uncontrollable)
  • Allocate your marketing resources more easily, effectively and often
  • Explore the effect of various courses of action without running expensive market tests
  • Make your planning process more nimble
  • Bring your marketing into alignment with your strategic and financial goals
  • Instant responsiveness to market or competitive changes
  • Efficient growth from more clearly informed decisions